Roger Love - Vocal Power

Roger Love - Vocal Power

323MB | AudioBook | Roger Love | 7 CDs

Transform your ordinary speaking voice into an 
amazingly powerful communication tool!

• Create deliberate, predictable effects on the people you speak to
• Eliminate voice characteristics that may misrepresent your true intentions
• Communicate any message or emotion clearly and precisely
• And more!
• You can't hide it. You can't stop it. Chances are, you hardly ever think about it. But it affects your life in ways you never imagined.

It could be your most powerful asset.Then again, it might be your worst enemy.

You want to be in control of the way you’re perceived by the people around you. We all do. It’s why we bother to care about our clothes and hairstyles. It’s why we rehearse important conversations in our head before we have them.

But there’s one part of your "public self" that makes a faster, more powerful, and longer lasting impression than any other. And if you’re like most people, it’s something you don’t give any thought to at all.

I’m talking about your voice. That’s right! The way your voice sounds is an unbelievably critical component in any successful communication.

Research has shown that the words you speak account for about 7 percent of what makes you believable to someone else. Just 7 percent!

So what accounts for the other 93%? Tonality and physiology: the way you sound when you’re communicating, and what your body is doing while you’re communicating.

Vocal Power will give you all of the information and techniques you need to put your best self forward and get exactly what you want out of every single communication in your life. The effect is nothing short of magical!

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