Building Your Own Computer

Building Your Own Computer
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Video tutorial about how to build your own computer (PC). these 3 CDs (or 1 DVD) from Robb Tracy . 

Why should I build my own personal computer?

I guess for most of us computer geeks and geeklings, the truthful answer to that question is "because we like to," or "because it's fun." But there are actually quite a few other advantages to building your own computer. For example: 

You can build your computer exactly how you want it, as best fits your computing needs. When you build your own computer, it truly is a "personal" computer. Building a PC is an educationally rewarding experience that can enrich a person's knowledge of and appreciation for applied math, electronics, and physics. Sometimes a homebuilt computer can be less expensive than a comparably equipped store-bought computer, especially if you start with a barebones computer kit.

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